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Befriend Death

How the show's details helped launch season 5

When young people lose someone close, they are not only faced with the grief but also with an isolation from the world around them, because people are afraid to talk about death. To help with this, we gave death a facebook site where people could get to know him better.

Death functioned as an expert and gave advice on how to understand and talk to people who have lost a family member. He posted weekly activities you could do with your friend, and interviewed youths who had gone through the grieving with help from Børn, Unge og Sorg.


It's a natural part of life, but we find it incredibly hard to talk about death. Each year, 140.000 children and young adults experience a parent or sibling fall seriously ill or die. They fight not just the sickness and greif, but also the loneliness, when all of us are afraid to talk with them about the hard things. It doesn't take much to help. Start by "liking" death onøden and learn, what you can do.   

Made with everyone at SELIGEMIG for Børn, Unge og Sorg. Illustrated by Anders Huulgaard

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