Mads Nørgaard 

at Roskilde Festival

We promoted fashion designer Mads Nørgaard's presence at the festival with a t-shirt resembling the shape of the main stage at Roskilde Festival.

Made with Jonas Quist at SELIGEMIG for Mads Nørgaard. Shot by Sofie Barfoed.

Brain Bootcamp

To create awareness for the new mobile news site, we tapped into people's mindset for change at the start of the year, and created a brain bootcamp to train their brain in 30 days.


Reclaim your brain in 30 days with the new mobile newsmagazine Føljeton. Start your free month at and become intellectually hot today.

Made with Olivia Muus at SELIGEMIG for Føljeton. Shot by Sofie Barfoed.

Neighbourg to Neighbourg 

Car rental

To introduce the car rental service, we showed people how easy and fast it was to rent your neighbourg's car.

Made with Jonas Quist and Olivia Muus at SELIGEMIG for Min Bil Din Bil.

A Responsible Advice


A responsible advice: Have a talk about home loans. They take up more room when they're seven years old.

Arbejdernes Landsbank is a responsible bank that cares about the individual. To convey this, we gave people responsible advice, that talked about some of the bank services.


A responsible advice: Have a talk about car loans. Maybe it's time to retire the old one. 


A responsible advice: Get a Mastercard. Reality doesn't always match the travel brochure.

Made with Jonas Quist at SELIGEMIG for Arbejdernes Landsbank

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